Missing teeth can make it difficult to function but can also be emotionally traumatizing especially if the teeth are in the front. With multiple options of replacing teeth we can have you smiling and functioning in no time.

Implants have been around for a long time now and have been proven to have a 98% success rate. Simply put getting an implant entails placing a titanium screw in the mouth to mimic the root of a tooth that is missing, followed by adding a tooth like covering, known as a crown on top. Implants are the most natural feeling way to replace missing teeth.

If you are looking for a way to replace missing teeth in the most natural feeling way, implants may be the answer for you. Whether it be a single tooth, multiple teeth or keeping your denture in, at York Mills Family Dentistry we can help you make the right decision for you.

Let us help you gain back that comfort and confidence. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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